WARNING: Your USB device will be totally erased from all content ! Do a backup if needed ! Very small howto, just because I found many people who doesn’t know how to create a Windows 10 bootable USB device with EFI support. To make it short, to boot with EFI on modern computers (less than 5-6 years – both laptop and desktop – ) all you need is love a device with a GPT partition table and a FAT32 partition (called an ESP partition) containing Windows 10 files.

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Like I said before in my Windows 10 review, I decided to try out Windows 10 as my work machine. If the global experience after two weeks is not that glorious, I still have some interesting little things for GNU/Linux enthusiasts stuck with Windows for whatever reason. As I can’t decently work without a GNU environment, a decided to give Cygwin and VcXsrv a try. Quick reminder, Cygwin is

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Win10 Review

Microsoft recently took my attention thanks to its open-source move for a lot of their .NET core framework, and a bunch of other libraries (see Microsoft’s github). Add to that their recent partnership with Red Hat and Canonical, and the idea of testing the last Windows release suddenly came to my mind. Last factor : my recent issues with Xen and ATI Drivers on Win 7 virtual machine, and the lack of time to resolve them for now, leave me with no other choice than moving to Windows for gaming.

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